Frequently Asked Questions

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Website Interface

How do I log into the website?

Authorised users can login at: to get access to the project administration part of the website. If you are authorised to the learning part of the website then login at: For authorisation you need to have a user account. An account can be given to you by the IT manager.

Where can I upload my two monthly report

Go to: and browse for you PDF file you want to upload. Click Upload File. If your upload is successfull you see a message after the upload instructions at the top of the page. Click the link Click here to finish you upload and send the mail. A message in this mail is not necessary.

Where can I download reports.

Two monthly reports can be downloaded at:

Other reports can be downloaded by clicking the links on the administration page under the File management tab.

How Does the Search Feature Work?

Just type in a word in the search box and click search.

User Accounts

Can I have more than one user account?

Nope, sorry. You can only have one account for the administration part and one account for the learning part.

How Do I change my user password

Click on the Change your password by clicking the link on the administration page under the About Login tab and follow the instructions. Your password for the learning and research environment can be changed by clicking on My profile settings/Change password and follow the instructions.

What are the various user roles?

Project members have access to the administration part of the site. They are able to communicate, up- and download files, write files together, find information etc.

Student and those who are enrolled to a course have access to the Research and Learning part of the site. Students can download lecture slides and course material, participate in quizes, forums and other activities available in a course. Teachers can follow students progress and mark results.

Spam & Support

How can I get in touch with Staff Support?

You can get in touch with the IT manager by clicking this link. Email from other staff members are available on the contact page.

Will I be able to delete all my account data?

If you want to delete data, please contact the IT manager by clicking this link.

Is there a limit to the amount of posts per day?

No, you can post as many messages as you want.