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ACS Philadelphia Conference - by: Saumya Dabral, RWTH Aachen

Submitted on: 3 October 2016

It all started back in February 2016 when I decided to apply for an international conference for the year 2016 and came across the Division of energy and environmental chemistry at the ACS webpage. A closer look at the abstract’s opening highlighted just what I was looking for-“Biomass valorization”. With results in hand on my current research topic, I decided to apply for an oral presentation at the ACS national meeting. The prospect of giving an oral presentation rather than a poster at such a big platform made me very nervous. Unknown of what lay before me on the day of the presentation, I rehearsed my speech several times so as to give a decent presentation and keep the banner of Subicat, Marie Curie and my professors high if not more.

The day of the presentation approached and I was supposed to present 5th before the coffee break. Things became more tense when I saw that people presenting before me were not graduate students but professors from universities all around. With efforts, I managed to push myself to present my research on “One-pot chemoselective oxidation and Ca-C bond cleavage in lignin b-O-4 model compounds and lignin” in 15 odd minutes followed by a couple of minutes for the question/answer session. After finishing the talk a sense of relief prevailed over me and I would accredit this to Subicat. Had it not been for the yearly meetings where we all present our research summaries followed by discussions amongst all the members, I would have had a tough time at the ACS.

What followed next was like a cherry on the cake, the presentation was selected as the “best presentation of the session”. This new achievement brings with it many more responsibilities and I hope to keep up with all the new openings in the future.

In the end I would like thank Professor Carsten Bolm without whose support I would not have been able to experience this achievement at an International platform. Professor Paul Kamer for being an amazing Subicat coordinator and supporting my research, Dr.Jose Hernandez for motivating me at every step at the ACS and last but not the least Subicat for funding me and my research.