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4th National RSC/SCI Retrosynthesis Competition by St├ęphanie Spoehrle, University of St Andrews

Submitted on: 06.03.2017

Over the last four months, I took part in the 4th National RSC/SCI RetrosynthesisCompetition with four other members of my research group: Elizabeth Munday,Calum McLaughlin, Nassilia Attaba and Jude Arokianathar. This prestigiouscompetition consists of two rounds and is entered by teams coming from bothacademia and industry. To progress to the final, each team had to propose a synthesisof Acosmine, a complex natural product with a diaza adamantane core. We submittedour entry on the 16th of December and got selected for the final mid-January!

The final took place at the SCI headquarters in London on the 10th of March. Tenteams presented their synthesis of a second natural product, Eucalrobusone D, in frontof a jury. It was a very exciting day as the competition was well contested and eachteam came up with a very innovative and elegant synthesis of the molecule. After awell-deserved wine reception, the winners were announced and collected their prize.We were very pleased to come 2nd in the competition!

Taking part in this competition was a highly rewarding experience, which not onlymade us learn a lot about chemistry but also gave us the opportunity to meet a lot ofchemists from different background.

This achievement has featured on the Women in Science, University of St Andrews website, which can be found here,