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St Andrews Industry Chemistry Forum – Poster Presentation by Stephanie Spoehrle, University of St Andrews

Submitted on: 17 October 2016

During the last month, I have presented a poster at the St Andrews - Industry chemistryforum. This forum is aiming at promoting international placements and final year researchprojects for undergraduate students.

I have also applied to two different national organic chemistry competitions. The 2016Syngenta Postgraduate Scholarship Scheme will take place in Jealott’s Hill internationalresearch center between the 6th and the 8th of November. The 2016 RSC Organic DivisionPoster Symposium sponsored by Roche will take place in Burlington House in London on the5th of December. I am also planning on taking part to the 4th National RSC/SCI RetrosynthesisCompetition, which will start on the 31st October.

In terms of my current work, I am finishing my project and working on the draft of a paper,which will be published in due course. I am also contributing to Saumya’s paper followingmy placement within the Bolm group at RWTH Aachen University last summer. Alongsidethis I am working towards the completion of other [2,3]-rearrangement projects within theSmith group at the University of St Andrews. I am also helping a MChem final year studenton her master thesis project, dealing with Lewis base-catalysed [4+2]-cycloadditionprocesses. Finally I am preparing a poster for the upcoming Postgraduate symposium at theUniversity of St Andrews, which will take place the 6th and 7th of December.