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Subicat at the 5th International Conference of Novel Enzymes - by Elisa Lanfranchi, Groningen University

Submitted on: 24 November 2016

Last September I attend the 5th International  Conference of Novel Enzymes in Groningen.  The event has been a great opportunity to hear about the last discoveries and advances on enzymes and their applications. I had the occasion to present my work about  the application on enzymes for the valorization of lignin derived compound.  Title of the poster was: Expression and characterization of a methoxy aromatic demethylation system.

We identified enzymes able to perform O-demethylation on methoxy substituent on the aromatic ring in para position. After recombinant expression in E. coli and protein purification we applied the system for the O-demethylation of our model substrate vanillic acid. 80 % conversion was obtained.

Enzymatic O-demethylation of phenolic compounds represents a green alternative to chemical processes, overcoming harsh conditions and specificity concerns.