Miia Mäkelä

University of Helsinki
Department of Food and Environmental Sciences
Viikinkaari 9

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Our research focuses on various aspects of fungal molecular biology and enzymology. Lignocellulose, particularly lignin, degradation has been our long term interest. Currently we are concentrating on the functional genomics of plant biomass degrading fungi from various biotopes. The most recent studies include different and complementary points of view: i) Genome mining and characterization of novel plant biomass modifying activities and fungal carbon metabolism, ii) Elucidating the difference in plant biomass strategies between ascomycetes and basidiomycetes iii) More applied projects aiming to the production of antioxidants and iv) Heterologous production of novel catalysts for lignin valorisation.


Degradation and modification of plant biomass by fungi

Mäkelä, M.R., Hildén K.*, de Vries, R.P., in The Mycota XIII: A comprehensive treatise on fungi as experimental systems for basic and applied research Fungal Genomics, M. Nowrousian, (ed.) (2014), Springer-Verlag p. 175-208.

Effect of copper, nutrient nitrogen and wood-supplement .....

Full title: Effect of copper, nutrient nitrogen and wood-supplement on the production of lignin-modifying enzymes by the white-rot fungus Phlebia radiata

Mäkelä, M.R., Hatakka, A., Lundell, T., Hildén, K.*, Fungal Biology (2013) 117:62-70.

Heterologous expression and structural characterization.....

Full title: Heterologous expression and structural characterization of two low pH laccases from a biopulping white-rot fungus Physisporinus rivulosus.

Hildén, K.*, Mäkelä, M.R., Lundell, T., Kuuskeri, J., Chernykh, A., Golovleva, L., Archer, D., Hatakka, A., Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology (2013) 97:1589-1599.

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E-mail: Miia.R.Makela@helsinki.fi

Direct phone: +358 0294159308

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