SusPhos, initiated by Chris Slootweg and partners, represents the first systematic investigation of the eco-friendly production, smart use, recycling and commercial exploitation of phosphorus-based processes and materials that use the precious element phosphorus in a sustainable manner.

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Relying on groundbreaking scientific expertise, CatchBio will address in the upcoming years several important challenges which are crucial in the transition to a biobased economy.

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The CRITICAT CDT, hosted by St Andrews, Heriot-Watt and Edinburgh Universities in Chemistry/Chemical Engineering, will provide PhD training across homo-, hetero- and biocatalysis as well as reaction engineering. CRITICAT will generate and train the next-generation of leaders by tackling one of the great challenges faced by society: our over-reliance on non-sustainable, fossil-fuel-based energies and products. Innovation in catalysis is central to tackling this problem, both through the efficient use of currently available feedstocks in developing new catalytic methods and procedures and the utilization of renewable resources.

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